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Artist Statement

My inspiration comes from the fortitude of landscape artists, past and present, who have sought to capture the beauty of our natural world through the lens of their artistic interpretations. I reveal my similar passion of interpretation in my own art. This work has evolved in both representational and abstract forms as I uncovered the works of the Canadian Group of Seven, reviewed American and European Impressionists and discovered several Contemporary artists in my journey. I am fascinated with each artists' use of color, value, shape, depth and mark-making when rendering light into the landscape to create a sense of place and feeling.


I am currently exploring both the potential of and limits to oil paint with brushes, palette knives and brayers as applied to the surface of canvas, hardboard and paper. I seek to expand my understanding of what oil paint is capable of under the influence of unconventional tools. The resulting images are created through a process of adding, deleting and layering of marks. It is here in the acts of exploration, imagination and manipulation that my intention is to resurrect the sunlight as it speaks to one's senses in memory or imagination or both. 





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